A recommended hostel in Taipei - Star Hostel Taipei Main Station


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It is a renovated, old building.

It is a renovated old building, but the staffs keep there clean very much. They frequently clean the floor. And the reception staff speaks English so that you can communicate with them in English.

Delicious food

Breakfast is included in the accommodation fee and is a slightly different menu every morning. The orange juice was delicious.

I often had lunch at a food court in the fashion building called Kyogyo Station (Q Square). Just a short walk away, and there is the 3rd basement floor. There are many restaurants so that you can choose any food depending on the mood of the day. There was no inconvenience for long-term stays because you can eat a lot of delicious food.


There were two washing machines and one dryer. Each is 40 new Taiwan dollars. If you use a dormitory, you can use a small rocker, but you need to prepare your key.


I have introduced the most popular hostel in Taipei. I think the facilities are a bit outdated. However, you can have a satisfying experience because the shared space is substantial compared to other hostels.