LINE Smart City Hackathon 2019/10/26,27 at Hakata

I participated in a hackathon on 10/26 (Sat) and 10/27 (Sun) to create a service that can realize a smart city in Fukuoka.

Hackathon Theme

Each person came up with an idea based on the following issues.

Make tourists more enjoyable in Fukuoka Services that Make Fukuoka's specialty stalls convenient Services that make watching sports more fun Services that make child-rearing more convenient Services to help clean up the city

The output

We created a bot called Line Food Helper. Please use it if you like.

If you use LINE app, you can try this app easily

This bot has the following functions.

Return a list of nearby yakitori restaurants when you say a word containing chicken. If you say a word that includes motsunabe, it returns a list of nearby hot pot shops Return a list of nearby sushi restaurants when you say a word containing fish When you say a word that includes hungry, it returns a list of recommended dishes while calling its name. Other words are judged hungry and the recommended food list is returned while calling the name. If you give location information, you will get store information about the neighborhood.

However, because it is a demo bot, it returns non-existent data.

Where we had a hard time developing

Since the hands-on materials provided by VUI Fukuoka were released in advance, I was able to prepare here. Since I was preparing for Messaging API and CLOVA LINE Voice Interface API in advance, I didn't have much trouble from the local site.

We formed a team of four. Since I was the only engineer familiar with the hackathon, I was almost in charge of the implementation. However, I was able to leave some functions such as Flex Message to the starter engineer, so I was able to cut out tasks well. For the time being, engineering was divided by me, so there was no problem.

However, I honestly regret that the engineers have divided too much and have created a situation where other people cannot give their ideas freely.

Then I thought what I should do is the Webhook URL. During development, I was trying to reach my Macbook with webhooks connected by ngrok, but I was working on deploying it on a staging server. Then, two Webhook URLs are required, but it was necessary to register two Messaging API channels for that, so it was a little inconvenient.

After that, if ngrok is a free version, the URL will change each time, so it may be a bit cumbersome to have to change the Webhook URL each time on the console screen.

Reflection points and good points

Because I was an engineer in the team, it was possible to implement it, but it became a featureless app, and of course, I couldn't get an award. I think it was nice to think about my dreams and ideals. But it was a lot of fun to be able to finish the implementation early and talk about “How do you use this to monetize and grow?” For about an hour in the end.

Learning gained on this day

I participated in this hackathon and felt the potential of the Bot app. The user interface for voice conversations like Messaging API and Clova is still new and I thought it would be used in various ways. In particular, I think that many jobs require voice input, so I was able to learn at this stage.


So thank you for holding such a meeting. Participants certainly had a hard time for two days, but I think it was harder for the management. Thank you for your hard work. Thanks to you, I was able to earn a lot of experience as an engineer again. I would also like to have the opportunity to challenge this. Thank you very much.

That's it from here:)